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The weeds are out of control! You’ve been called upon by the wealthiest in the nation to take care of the weed problem with whatever means necessary. Snip, Swang, Spray and Destroy them all!!!!


  • WASD - Move around
  • Left Click (Mouse) - Use equipped tool
  • Tab - Open the shop to buy and equip better tools
  • Escape - Open the pause menu for pause-y reasons


  • Liam Dunstan: UI design, art & implementation / Programmer / SFX - Twitter, Itch
  • Sarah Howarth: Programmer / SFX / Post-Processing - Twitter, Itch
  • Michael Nuttall: VFX / Shaders / 3D-modelling / Music & SFX - Twitter, Itch

Resources used


Snip, Snip! Build 33 MB

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